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Six Characteristics of Crystallized Glass Stone

1. Crystallized glass stone is make through special arts under the condition of high
temperature, which is similar to the forming of granite.  It has advantages of physics and
chemistry, such as even-texture, high-density, anti-pressure, anti-bend, anti-hit etc. It is better
than natural stone slab.  It is ever-lasting and wear-resistant, and has no small crackles as
natural stone .

Fine textured, smooth surfaced, dense structure, evenly crystallized

Crystallized glass stone has special crystallized structure and a glass substratum structure. Its
texture and surface are smooth and crystal clear.

Rich in colors and can be widely applied

Crystallized glass stone is a soft and glittering luster, faultlessly elegant and classic. According
to the special manufacture arts, varying colors can be make to meet the needs of production,
such as spot black, dark red, dark beige, yellow white, grey spot gray etc.  It can remedy the
color demerits of natural stone slab. It fits for internal and external decoration of house and
building, such as wall surface, floor, ceiling and counter top etc.  

Excellent for acid and alkali resistance and heat resistance.

As a kind of inorganic crystallized material with stable chemical functions with glass substratum
structure, crystallized glass stone has a better soda resistance and corrosive resistance than
natural stone slab.  Its heat resistance, especially, is outstanding. Crystallized glass stone’s
luster and intensity cannot be reduced under various of weather condition.

No water absorption, excellent for pollution resistance, makes maintenance convenient.

Crystallized glass stone’s hygroscopic is almost zero. It can not be polluted by dirt and colored
liquid. Dirt on surface can be easily washed. It is convenient to maintenance of buildings and

 It is a green product, no harm to human body

Crystallized glass stone has no harmful radioactive elements. It is one of safest kind of green
environment protection materials.
Crystallized Glass Stone