Skinny Tiles
Tile size: 600mmX1200mm (23.62"X47.24")

10 Advantages of Skinny Tiles:

1.   Thinner and lighter than standard Porcelain Tiles.
2.   The Moh's hardness is 5 to 6. Much stronger than the
standard tiles.
3.   Less then 0.05% water absorption. Easy to maintain.
4.   Skinny tiles are only 4.8mm thick,  thin enough that they can
be applied   
right over the existing tiles, without incuring additional cost of
removal of
the old tiles.
5.   Because of the light weight and durability, it reduces the self
load of  
6.   Exterior application is allowed in all climates.
7.   It is durable, fire and heat resistant.
8.   Easy to install. Using standard ceramic tile installation
methods and
materials, as recommended by the Tile Council of America (TCA).
9.   Variety of colors and designs available on our website.
10. Environment friendly. Fewer raw materials are used, giving
savings in prodution.  Reduces CO2 emissions and pollutants
substances during production. Lighter weight also means less of
environmental footprint left in shipping.