Shine Quartz

Shine Quartz base Stone is the new
worry-free alternative to
high-maintenance Nature stone. They are
stronger than granite, require no
resealing, are highly resistant to
scratches and stains, and come in a huge
variety of colors. We can duplicate any
color with no extra cost. In addition, the
slabs being manufactured in quartz have
colors and patterns that are all uniform
making it easier for consumers to know
what they will get and what they want.  
Shine Quartz based Stone constitutes of
93% quartz, 7% color pigment and
unsaturated polyester resins.  Granite
contains only 50% quartz. The other
minerals found in granite leave it soft,
porous, and vulnerable to scratches and
stains. The prescribed mixture results in
our product non-porous, exceedingly
durable, and more than twice as strong as